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Painting Re-imagined

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Susan Kramer-Pope, 6/10/23

Red hearts

Painting, as we do in PRESENCE & PAINT, is the way of the senses. It’s a tuning into our experiences of feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and touching, before the analytical mind jumps in to ‘adult’-erate the raw sensory impulses. It’s a return to spontaneity…a return to the innocence of being. The funny thing is, I had forgotten that there was an innocence of being until I experienced it profoundly through painting in this way. Now it is with me always when I paint. It’s the heart of my soul and truest honoring of Self. It’s what I mean when I say, “Painting brings me home to myself.”

Painting in this way builds trust in your intuitive capacity. First, by recognizing the quality of the intuitive voice and then allowing yourself to follow it, even when it doesn’t make sense. Again, you're taking a safe risk, just paint on paper, for the experience of being alive with your unique creative nature. After all, you're tapping into the Creative Stream that runs through you…is you. You may not consider yourself an artist, but if you’re alive, you are a creative!

PRESENCE & PAINT is a powerful tool that also illuminates patterns that keep us from our greatest potential. One old pattern that I can speak to is wanting to quit when the going gets tough, scary, or confusing. My survival instincts obliterate any other choice. The anxiety becomes blinding. But in this safe, non-judgmental space, I give that jagged anxious energy to the brush, ask it what color, and GO! I ride the wave of discomfort out of me and onto the paper. It’s so freeing to go beyond, go beyond, and go beyond again! Those energies, once expressed, bring unimagined shifts toward healing and wholeness. The muscle to say YES to the aliveness, no longer suppressed, builds. Old patterns break and awareness dawns. A new relationship to Self emerges.

As this muscle builds with each practice, so does our awareness and sense of agency grow. We gain an in-house tool to honor our unique expression from the inside out onto the paper. The big bonus is that as we honor our own self-expression, we gain greater capacity to honor others’.

So, it’s not about painting as we usually think of it! It’s so much more than that...painting re-imagined!

Get your coupon for a FREE online PRESENCE & PAINT session. Set yourself free to find the colorful expression that is uniquely YOU each and every time you pick up the brush. How exciting!

“This is really thrilling! I’m very moved by how this process works.

Already the point of pain that I started my painting from is gone.

It’s an amazing process really! This freedom of expression in art is something

new for me… something I have never experienced before!” - M.H., Washington, 6/10/23

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