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Painting on Canvas

Unleash Your Creative Nature

even if you don't think you have one!


Get your 1st online Presence & Paint session FREE!


    There's no right way or wrong way!

There's only YOUR way!

  • Learn to recognize & trust your inner knowing.

  • Reclaim wonder lost on the way to being an adult.

  • Come home to yourself...maybe for the first time!

This is a facilitated, safe, judgment-free zone with a small group of explorers of the inner road less travelled with paint. 


  You'll receive the FREE pdf 

  "Turn on Your Inner Painter: 

Two Tools to Spark Your Spontaneity, Intuition 

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"This is remarkable! Really a lot of fun and revelatory! Just by playing with the paint and brush strokes, it released a lot of stuff I didn’t even know was in me. It’s nothing I conceived painting to be like. Very calming and relaxing, too. This just might be my new wellness practice! So fabulous!"

—K.P. -Vero Beach, FL  

“This is really thrilling!  I’m very moved by how this process works. Already the point of pain that I started my painting from is gone. It’s an amazing process really! This freedom of expression in art is something new for me… something I have never experienced before!”

- M.H, Island County, WA

"I'm pretty darn shut down when it comes to painting. But the idea of giving voice to blocked energies and emotions attracted me. The results totally surprised me! Not that the painting was "good" or "bad," but the experience of expressing latent feelings was very cathartic. I didn't know that putting paint to paper could be so freeing. Susan's coaching and encouragement were the key. Highly recommend." 
– G.G. Ecuador

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