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Unblocking Your Intuitive Guidance: Express It, Don’t Repress It

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

There are many ways to clear blocked energy. But have you ever thought that painting could be one of them?

Typically, when we think of painting, we usually think of needing some artistic talent or training. But that thinking in itself is a block to YOU…to your unique, innate creative Being! I’ve said it before, but it bears saying again, you may not consider yourself an artist, but if you are alive, you are a creative…an artist of your own life. AND, you CAN paint!

Rather than drawing on learned techniques, styles, perspective, etc. to paint, imagine instead pulling on the incredible wealth of inner resources, experiences, bodily sensations, pain, grief, sadness, anger, joy, excitement, passion to deliver the colors, shapes, and brushstrokes they carry. They are raw, powerful and available to be expressed.

What’s needed is attention. Taking the time to stop, tune-in, and listen with all your senses. It takes a willingness and courage to not run away…both literally and figuratively. It takes giving yourself permission and having the surrounding support to do just that. Welcome to PRESENCE & PAINT™ where that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s do a simple exercise here:

1. Take a moment to take a couple of full inhales and complete exhales. Wait at the bottom of your exhale for the body to take its own in-breath, without you making it happen. This will lead to bigger inhalations, fuller exhalations, and greater relaxation.

2. Now, notice where in your body your attention goes. Is it a sensation in your back, head, neck, stomach…etc.? Or a sense of blockage in your energy? Feeling out of sorts, happy, hopeful, or excited?

3. Now close your eyes and place your attention there while you breathe normally and ask the sensation what color it is? What’s the first response? Don’t censor. This is your intuition answering.

4. Now ask the sensation, “If I were to paint you, do you have a shape?” Again, notice the very first response.

5. Now ask the sensation, “How big are you?” Again, notice the very first impression you get.

There you have it. The resources/information you need to start your first painting. All you need now is paper, brushes/markers/crayons, and a little bit of courage and support to express it from the inside onto the paper!

This is a powerful way to move toward, into, and through whatever is stirring within to experience it fully. It will surprise you to discover what’s on the other side of it!

Just a note. The above exercise is just one way into this way of painting. PRESENCE & PAINT™ is not a method. It’s a space of safety and support for your unique experience. Think of it as an invitation more than anything else…an ongoing opportunity to discover what our intuitive voice sounds/feels like instead of our reasoning mind with all its judgements and analysis paralysis that can keep us stuck.

When we paint in this way, we’re building trust in our inner guidance system. We’re demonstrating the courage to receive the gifts it brings, while experiencing a whole new dimension of our being’s expression.

Here's to your new journey...the first step! Your coupon for a FREE online PRESENCE & PAINT session here.

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