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Connection is the key to feeling truly alive in our self-expression and relationships everywhere. This is especially true when presenting in front of an audience, connecting with fellow actors, or with loved ones.

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Performing Arts School

Tap into the ever-present creative stream between you, your audience, and fellow players.

Open to the creative expression that wants to be delivered uniquely through you.

Crack the code of fear that keeps your energy suppressed when you're in front of others.

Learn to receive and ride the thrilling wave of spontaneous expression that will bring you alive like no other.

Engage the riskiness of the unknown and unscripted to build your courage and trust muscles in this safe and supportive environment free from critique.

This is a skills development workshop to connect authentically with others and tap into the creative stream that is available to you… to everyone.

These practices will benefit not only your career, but all your relationships!

No preparation needed!

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