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Close-up Shot of Female Artist Hand, Holding Paint Brush and Drawing Painting with Red Pai


… an oasis for the inwardly curious wanting freedom from the tyranny of rules and technique.

Acrilic Paints


No art experience needed.

It's a spontaneous painting experience.

It's the process that's important here, not the outcome.

Here, you can express your unique creative nature in a safe, supportive, judgement-free zone.

"Intuitive Process Painting brings me to a place where I feel at home with being me… just as I am."                           
~Susan Kramer-Pope

Watercolor Paint


What if you had the chance to play like a child again with paint & paper?

What if there were no rules, no expectations to live up to or anybody else's judgements to satisfy?

Would you take it… take the chance to free yourself from the shackles of the norm… free your 'wild child'… take the chance to capture your birthright as a naturally born creative… maybe for the first time?

Would you take it?

Will you listen to the impulse this invitation is evoking in you?


Meet the ever-present creative stream that runs through you, that IS you!


Come paint with other curious and courageous travelers of the inner life less traveled… but in this case, not alone! Painting together online via Zoom, vs. painting alone at home, is a supportive and intimate community experience. Take the leap home to yourself through paint, paper, and No Rules! Just some simple guidelines to keep you feeling 'safe' along the way. We paint for the process, not for the outcome. No one is going to evaluate or offer critique. AND no experience is necessary! Hurray for that!


Take a vacation from 'needing to know or know how'! There's freedom in that.

Getting Started at Home


It doesn't need to be a big space… a section of a wall or the back of a door will do. Find a place where you can have some privacy while painting. You can cover your painting between sessions to support your sense of personal space if you live with others. Have adequate lighting to avoid standing in your shadow.


Protect the painting surface and floor from splatter with either cardboard, plastic, old sheets, craft paper or whatever is inexpensive and convenient. My favorite is cardboard, putting all those boxes from online purchases to good use!


Have a small table for your paints, brushes and (2) containers for water to clean the brushes between colors. (Large yoghurt containers work well.) For easy access to small amounts of your colors while you paint, an egg carton, ice cube tray or a small plastic artist's palette. Stores like The Dollar Tree or Dollar General here in the States are a trove of inexpensive options. Or you GO HERE for all your supplies, except the paint.

(Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of this shop.)


I suggest using tempera water-based paint, just like the kids use in school. It's inexpensive and cleans up easily with water. You can find it at your local art supply and hobby stores and online. (Michael's, Craft Warehouse, Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick). Twelve colors are enough to get you started. For paint organizers, I use large muffin tins lined with small, covered plastic jars. Or PURCHASE ORGANIZERS HERE. (Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of this shop.)


When starting out, I suggest using 20" x 26" 80lb Bristol Vellum. You can get it HERE. (Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of this shop.)

presence & paint
Splatter Paint
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