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Have You Seen Your Unique Colors?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

As the light changes and we head into autumn, there is that pull inward. Do you feel it? It pulls strongly on me and always has.

It pulls me toward contemplation and a deep longing for the Oneness, that ‘homesickness for God’, as the spiritual teacher/author Stephen Levine, so poignantly calls it.

The colors of the natural world are changing around me. Nostalgia is stirred. That aching blend of love and sadness for beloveds gone touches me and rides upon both the highs and lows of decades of living... now alive in this moment.

I give these stirrings to the brush without needing to know what they will bring forth onto the paper. I feel the sensations in my body, the longing ache, and give into the burnt sienna rich brown that is calling. My red heart throbs with the loneliness of black. A painting begins.

This is what it’s like to paint from presence. Nothing is needed other than you and your ‘living experience’ of the moment. A creation from the moments of feeling, using color and brush to ride these inner stirrings into visibility. Here to be felt, released, witnessed, respected, and held lovingly as a unique expression of a rich, painful, exciting, convoluted life here on planet Earth.

Come explore your unique colors. Come let your soul paint. What stirrings and colors arise in you at this time? Would love to hear from you.

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