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  • What is Process Painting?
    It's a way to meet that which is wordless that wants to express itself through you without regard to how it's going to look. The basic principles are: listen to impulses, body sensations, feelings and allow them to guide color choice and brush stroke follow your energy… feel and paint, more so than paint your feelings honor what shows up even if you don't like it be curious about the contrary voices within move toward the resistance presented by unwanted and uncomfortable feelings rather than away, and to hold them as invitations to choose a color and move the brush
  • What are the benefits of painting in this way?
    There are many: a renewed feeling of aliveness a coming home to oneself… to an innocence and wholeness all but lost growing up an opportunity to take creative and emotional risks that spill over into daily life ongoing courage to face the unknown a deepened experience and trust in one's intuitive voice and the courage to follow it a tool to help metabolize trauma, however it's not a substitute for trauma therapy
  • How is this painting in this way different from art therapy?
    Indeed, this way of painting is therapeutic. However, it is not a substitute for therapy with a licensed professional therapist whose skill set is much broader.
  • Do you hold in-person workshops?
    At this time, no. I have been so impressed by the intimate sense of community that quickly develops via Zoom, and its compatibility for this creative modality that, for now, my offerings for painting sessions are available online only.
  • What is xTEMP?
    It's a skill-building practice where you learn to connect with others, one person at a time, through heart and eyes. This connection then becomes the foundation for what wants to be expressed through you as a creative conduit. It is a moment-to moment creation, not unlike an improvisational theater experiment.
  • Do I need to know what I'm going to say?
    No. That's the beauty, fun and thrill of it. What you express comes from the silent and respectful connection built between you and the other person. It's a spontaneous event, in the moment, from the moment. And it doesn't even need to make sense!
  • Does this help speaking anxiety?
    Yes, it can. I will gently encourage you to acknowledge your fear; to be curious about it; move toward it rather than recoil from it. To use its energy. To let it be, so you can be and still move forward.
  • This feels scary, yet I want to take part. Are there guidelines for how everyone is supposed to follow?
    Yes. There are guidelines that all agree to upfront. As listeners, we give our full 100% non-judgmental attention to the person up front. As listeners, when we notice our judgements arise, we move them aside and return our clear attention again. We do not comment on the content delivered. Instead, we hold appreciation for the courage being displayed before our eyes. There is no critique of the content delivered, or of the presenter's delivery. This is a supportive container in which to experience the connection to the ever-present creative stream, and to reflect on your own experience of it. You will have an opportunity to share your experience if you'd like to. It's not required.
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