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Let Your 'Invisible' Paint

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I just love how ideas pop in from nowhere! So it was for the title of this blog post.

There is so much insight, growth and wonder available to us. When you think about it, it all lives in the realm of the invisible.

We are so mesmerized by the physical world that we easily lose touch with this greater part of our existence and its limitless, constant flow. The ‘invisible’ is unnoticed until we stop, pay attention, listen, and feel or sense what’s there. Often, I have heard myself say, “I’m afraid to feel this because I’m afraid it will rule me, never go away, or demand a big change”. As if I were its victim.

And sometimes there is overwhelming beauty, like an amazing sunset, that taps my ‘invisible’ filling me with awe. It’s in moments like that I just want to grasp that overwhelming feeling of beauty somehow and never let it go…to possess it for all time! But when I try to hold on, the awe and its beauty escape, leaving me wanting in silent desperation.

Once, when in this desperation, I asked one of my mentors, “How do I hold on to this experience for all time?” He responded, “Open and let all that feeling flow into you and through you”. When I heard this wisdom, I knew it was right-on. This has stuck with me ever since. It’s been easy with beauty in all its expressions ever since. Only in later life have I applied that same wisdom to painful, uncomfortable feelings with splendid success, especially in overcoming addiction.

Opening to and letting all that feeling flow into and through us fully is a way to metabolize the experience. In doing so, we build capacity to be more fully alive, not fear our feelings all while strengthening our intuitive and creative sensitivity. *

With brush and paint in hand, PRESENCE & PAINT™ is a potent way to ride the feeling wave allowing our ‘invisible’ to become visible. In doing so our inner experience is transmuted! Often times reflecting back to us healing insights not available until the wave is completely ridden.

Let your ‘Invisible’ paint in color with PRESENCE & PAINT™. After all, color is light. Just give your feelings to the brush and see what wonder awaits. Get your coupon for a FREE PRESENCE & PAINT™ session via ZOOM. No ZOOM fatigue! I promise.

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