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Your RAW Creative - The Great Equalizer of Creativity

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Heart Diva of the Islands

Have you heard yourself say things like:

• I’m not creative.

• I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

• I wish I did.

Well, you’re not alone. These are the most common refrains to the idea of creating that I hear.

When I speak about creating with paint, I’m not referring to setting out to make something that looks good or even recognizable. I’m referring to making strokes on paper with paint, regardless of whether the images are recognizable. It’s a simple way to say hello to your creative, perhaps gone dormant.

Being creative comes with being alive. Life created you. Life continues to create you and you continue to create life. You can’t help but be creative. It’s only the false messages we have received growing up that have shut off access to who we are innately…Creatives!

I call this our RAW creative nature. Each of us is life creating in every moment. The cells in your body are continually creating. The energy running through you is continuously shifting and changing, even in stillness.

You create when you choose what you will wear today; what you will eat, say, do with your time; where you will go; what to take when you move; what to hang on the walls in your new place. In the greater context, everything we do is a creative act. With every action and thought, we are creating our experience.

We each possess the fundamentals of raw creativity. They are wired into being human. Desire, spontaneity, intuition, feelings, sensations, emotions, imagination, curiosity, attention.

You don’t need techniques to express your raw creativeness. Just desire and a willingness to reclaim your innocent essence as creative. When you think of creativity in this context, the possibilities of repossessing your creative nature are unlimited and even exciting. It’s a matter of re-contextualizing creativity.

The question is, are you willing to discover what lies beyond what you have come to believe about yourself?

Give all you are holding inside a place to express itself outside of you; to ease discomfort, lighten your load, move what’s been stuck.

Entertain the possibility of having fun, experiencing wonder, and being surprised. This all awaits the reclamation of your Raw Creative!

A safe, supportive, non-judgmental space with others walking this path can make all the difference.

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