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Let Yourself Out of the Box

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I’m on fire! I’m on a mission to attract those who are drawn to discover their true nature as the Creative Stream they are.

Just for a moment, stop and contemplate that you are here as the result of an egg and sperm merging, multiplying, differentiating, and replicating over and over into this moment as creation itself! Really, STOP & TAKE THIS IN! You are creation expressing non-stop! Right now, every cell that makes you up is moving with creative intelligence! Imagine using the simple tools of paint, brush, and paper to see this creative stream made visible right before your eyes.

Let yourself out of the judgment box, the critical box, the comparison box. Imagine a safe space where you can tap your present moment sensations–the good, the bad, the ugly, the uncomfortable- as guidance to paint your way out of these limiting boxes to free suppressed energy blocking your flow.

Make no mistake, you’ll hear the walls of your boxes ‘talking’…I don’t like that…what’s the point…who do I think I am…and on and on. But that’s the gift! Once you hear them, you’ve noticed them. Yes, more often than not, you're probably taken by them. But eventually you’ll feel the constraints of the box again. And when you do, there’s another option. You can recognize them as prompts to venture outside your box again…outside the lines… to let go into your spontaneous, innocent flow as YOU. Creativity eternally creating!

Imagine all this without ever having to leave your home! AND, with just paint, brush, and paper. Simple conditions for wonder, awareness, and inner shifts to happen.

When you give yourself to this journey, welcome surprises await.

I invite you to take this journey of discovery and meet your true nature as creativity in motion…ever unique…ever morphing!

Learn more about PRESENCE & PAINT.

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