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What Is Stirring Within You?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

"Process painting gives passage to the disturbances in my depths.

It lifts them up into the light of color and image. Remarkably,

there follows a transmutation …a softening of the edges of my discomfort and an eruption of energy rising up and out, nurtured by courage and a yearning for the deepest expression of my creative soul."- SKP

Volcanic eruption

Here in the Pacific NW, I can't get enough of the autumn colors; especially the red!!! Being from New England, it all stirs me so deeply. I'm grateful that I live in a place that displays its seasonal change so wondrously. The days have been in the 70's with snuggly cool nights.

I find myself repeatedly stirred with a vague but dogged psychic discomfort only to awaken, morning after morning, restless. I take time to finally tune into those sensations in my body after so many uncomfortable mornings.

As I get quiet, close my eyes and bring my attention to the discomfort,

I discover the nagging messenger of resistance. I ask my intuition, "resistance to what?". It answers immediately: "your need to write…to paint…to express more of your creative energy. This is the time"

The insight comes. Aah! This restless longing, this bubbling, brewing molten energy, is the call from my soul, my higher self, my intuition…to express…to create!!! It's taken me a long time to finally get the message. Ah well, everything in its right timing, I suppose.

The discomfort of resistance is such a potent ignitor. With the freshness of this new insight, I'm immediately energized to paint; to finish a printed flyer for Presence & Paint, to make notes of blog post titles that have been swirling around to be fleshed out. To reach out to you. To ask what's stirring in you? What does that stirring feel like in you? When you close your eyes and tune into it, can you name it? Does it show you a color, a shape, a quality to its energy? Is this your time too? Is it calling for some kind of expression? If so, will you follow it? My guess is that you, too, will feel energized when you do.

I'd love to know. Be in touch. Or leave a comment below.


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