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Slip Into Wonder!

Updated: May 26

purple and yellow abstract painting Wonder

OMG! I’m so excited to share this post with you. For those of you who don’t know me well, my deepest quest is the sustained felt experience of wonder and connection to The Divine!

Truth be told, putting this quest into words publicly is new for me! The desire has been within me forever, but not the clarity (or vulnerability) that words can bring.

This is such a paradox. Words, nouns specifically, can separate us from our experience of wonder just as easily as not having words to describe our experience can be frustrating.

Recently, an amazing insight popped in. It was that my deep ‘wanting’ of the experience of Oneness, that luscious merging with what I call The Big Love, was in the way of having the felt experience of The Big Love!

Instantly I shifted the ‘wanting and not having’ aside and placed my attention on my heart chakra and BOOM! The wordless indescribable happened. Oneness happened! The Big Love coursed through me! It was the 'wanting and not having' that was in the way.

The next day, I experimented. I looked out upon the trees, the clouds and sky without seeing through the labels of tree, clouds, and sky, but from my heart with no labels and BOOM! Glorious WONDER filled my whole being. By intentionally moving the labels aside, the thing I really wanted to experience happened!

The intellect has its place, of course, but for matters of the transcendent, that which is beyond the materiality of things, another capacity is required. Our concepts, our grasping, and our labels are insufficient in the light of the numinous.

Quoting Jacques Lusseyran, a blind French boy learning how to navigate forms in his darkness, “It’s more than seeing them. It is tuning in on them and allowing the current they hold to connect with one’s own, like electricity. To put it differently, this means an end of living in front of things and a beginning of living with them. Never mind if this sounds shocking, for this is Love.” (excerpted from The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo pg24-25)

I invite you to experiment for yourself. See if you too slip into the realm of wonder. Shift away from the ‘wanting’ and the mind’s filter of words, concepts, and grasping. Tune into your heart space. Soften your edges and allow what is in front of you into you.

Please leave a comment and let me know what happens. Wishing you communion with Wonder & The Big Love.


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Jan 26
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I did just as you suggested Susan, and yes, I was immediately, for that moment, relieved of the endless rambling angst-ridden chatter. Deeply peaceful. While thinking has a few good practical applications, it is WAAAAY over-rated! We have a front porch with a view of the mountains that I haven't appreciated for too long. (For this exercise I was simply observing a potted plant). Thanks for sharing this insight. And enjoy! To "Be Here Now" isn't as bad as I was THINKING it was! 😏

Replying to

I am so glad that you had your slip into wonder. That warms my heart to hear of your experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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