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Welcome to The Intuition Building Gym

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Susan Kramer-Pope – May 22, 2023

For years I felt like I was wandering in the dark trying to find what would capture my heart and keep me engaged with life, with joy, and wonder. What was my passion! At the age of 56 feeling discouraged and a bit lost, I took a chance and pleaded with the Universe, if anyone was listening, “Please send me something, some direction in my life that will impassion me, and be fun!" I was sick and tired of starting things only to lose interest when the shine wore off. Then I went about my uninspiring day.

About 2 weeks later, BOOM, out of nowhere, I got this strong inner vision of a bold upward stroke of red urgently compelling me to paint it. Mind you, I had never painted, other than in finger painting in kindergarten. I had no place to paint, no supplies. Within 2O minutes and 2 phone calls, both the place and supplies were given to me and 15 years later I continue to paint; continue to be held in the wonder of it all with each painting.

My point in telling you this is not about painting per se, but about the phenomenon of LISTENING to guidance, to intuition, to the image seen in my mind’s eye, sensing its urgency to be painted, AND FOLLOWING IT!

I continue to follow this way of listening to the inner nudges and the sudden knowing that comes before the thinking mind takes over.

Painting in this way has been my INTUITION BUILDING GYM.

PRESENCE & PAINT is how I build my intuition. It’s the barbell, so to speak, that I use. When I follow it, it brings me home to my Self, to my innocence and connection to something greater, without fail. It brings me solace. It brings me wonder and joy over and over again now 15 years later and counting! It could be your tool of intuition building too. If you’re getting a YES inside, it’s your intuition talking!

I invite you to follow it and get your coupon for a FREE session. It’s not about being a painter or having any art talent. None is needed. This is about you and your connection to your inner guidance, your inner wisdom. Finding it. Following it. Learning to trust it. There’s no time like the present!

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