The Committed Listener…Our Greatest Ally

When it comes to finding our authentic expression, our unique voice and right livelihood our greatest ally is a committed listener. A committed listener is one whose full attention is on our stated intentions for how we want to be and what we want accomplish.

A committed listener is one who sees us as whole and complete, even if we don’t see ourselves that way. A committed listener acknowledges and allows what we’re feeling and what is happening in the moment, even if it is unpleasant. A committed listener reminds us of who we truly are, when the going gets rough. A committed listener is a conduit through which pertinent questions arise to assist us in unveiling for ourselves the next step or important clue toward our unfolding path.

A committed listener is rigorously self-monitoring and responsible for their own projections and opinions as they arise, acknowledging them and putting them aside.

Are you committed to listening in this way for another? Do you have someone in your life that has the capacity to be a committed listener for you?


Making Peace with the Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s face it, we humans spend much of lives being driven by a host of demon thoughts about who we aren’t, how unworthy, shameful, incompetent and unlovable we just might be. We can recall circumstance after circumstance to justify why we believe ourselves to be as we are.

It’s enough that we struggle with these inner demons much less stand before an audience whose very presence we fear will confirm our deepest fears. This is why the fear of public speaking is so pervasive! It is not fear of the audience, but fear of being found to be less than the divine creatures we truly are.

Creating and facilitating safe environments for people to poke holes in this darkness of fear, falsely believed unworthiness, incompetence and unlovability is what I do. Utilizing guidelines of positive regard only, the absence of critique and evaluation, while being mindfully present with one another, allows the essence-beyond-form to emerge. This is the way of The Speaking Circle®.

We begin to remember the Truth that is true always; that only Love is real. In our attunement to each of our listeners, a new reflection emerges. A higher frequency begins to feedback the Love that we are at our core. This practice helps us remember, sometimes for the first time, our true nature. What starts as a pinhole of light expands into a beam bringing evermore light into a world of fear.

Over time, this practice opens the door to the possibility of forgiving ourselves for believing we are inadequate, shameful, unworthy and unlovable. It helps us to repossess ourselves. In doing so, public speaking takes on a whole new dimension and depth. Rather than it being about delivering content in a cohesive and cogent way, it first and foremost becomes about entering into relationship with our listeners through our human Spirit.

Without words at first, we bring our presence into positive attunement with our listeners. We choose a friendly face with whom to start. The field of magnetic engagement begins. Gently allowing this field of engagement becomes our primary focus. Our relational attunement with one listener soon magnetizes us into relational presence with each listener. From this field of pristine presence our words come forward.

The practice of positive attunement through relational presence births a reflection of  the essence of both speaker and listener, revealing the beauty of who we truly Both speaker and listener are embraced by this co-created field of belonging.

Our first step on the path of making peace with the fear of public speaking lies in coming into relationship with fear’s guardian…resistance!

That’s where we will start on this journey on May 11, 2013. Won’t you join me here in Ashland, OR?

There is No Love Without Listening

There is no thriving without caring touch.There is no room for another’s brilliance to shine when self-righteousness dominates. There is no chance of healing when forgiveness is absent. There is no integrity without personal responsibility.

There is no listening when defensiveness prevails. There is no listening when the need to be ‘right’ dominates. There is no listening when our wounds do the talking.There is no listening when we are consumed by blame. There is no listening when we have a need to make others wrong.
There is no love without listening.