Accountability in action…the way of personal effectiveness

Admitting our mistakes can be a bitter pill. It takes courage and fortitude to own our errors and then do what it takes to make good on our promises…again and again. Doing the ‘right’ thing is not usually expedient or convenient, but it sets one apart from the crowd, builds personal integrity and self-respect. The inner rewards are proportional to the difficulty of the practice. Being willing to practice accountability also means being willing to make peace with our anger, embarrassment or shame rather than continue to be consumed by it with our relationships, both personal & professional in tatters. It takes courage…moving forward in the face of all kinds of fear, especially of ‘loosing face’ and feeling shame.

Consider that if communication breakdowns happen frequently in our life, at home or on the job, the common thread is us. These situations are messengers trying to get our attention to look within, not blame other people or circumstances. There are untold gifts from each and every opportunity taken to practice accountability. However, these gifts of self-respect, integrity and truly loving relationships will forever elude us until accountability becomes a practice.

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