About Susan Kramer-Pope

I am continually fascinated with the power of listening to cause transformation. Having experienced this first-hand over 27 years ago, I have dedicated myself to the path of the masterful listener in my personal and professional life. This path is a lifelong practice of rigorous self-awareness and personal responsibility.

In addition to being a coach & facilitator, I am a percussionist, singer, expressionist painter and fabric decor designer. I live an expressive creative life and am honored to serve others in finding the joy in doing the same.

I hold it as an honor and privilege to be a catalyst for your the life-affirming, joy-infused passionate life.

I am a graduate of the transformational coaching & leadership development training of Landmark Worldwide, and Speaking Circles® International with further mind/body facilitation training as a graduate and former practitioner for Hellerwork International.


As coach and listener, I deepen your capacity to observe your relationship to your current circumstances that inspires a new perspective on your obstacles. We explore the difficult circumstances as ‘mirrors’ to gain insight into the strategies and behaviors in play that undermine your success.

We use your perceived obstacle as pointers to shift your relationship to those obstacles that give you access to your own answers and inspired actions. A new found sense of freedom, happiness, and dare I say, joy becomes yours!