Are You Giving Your Self Away?…Remembering Who You Are as Love

In starting a new intimate relationship, beware of the your swooning heart and the inability to think of nothing but your new found love. Sound jaded? No, oh contraire! I just celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary, and this has been my one and only marriage. Please read on.

So often when we feel the surge of love that another evokes in our heart, we attribute the source of that surge to them, and along with it our power, losing a sense of our Self. We fall into the trap of believing that they are the source of our love. In truth, they are a loving instrument reflecting our own capacity to love. That’s their value to us and we are wise to appreciate them for showing us our heart. It would be beautiful to say to them, “I love you for helping me see the love that I am; for the love that I am capable of expressing. For that, I love you. Thank you”.

To start to feel the Love that YOU are, here is a simple experience to try. Sit quietly for 5 minutes. You may choose to have relaxing music in the background. Place your right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Bring your attention to the sensation under your hand. Just notice it and breathe.

If you have a dog or cat that you Love, they can assist in this experience. Place your left hand on them, as you place your right hand on your heart. Continue to notice and breathe into the sensation under your right hand. [It’s helpful to know that there are energy meridians that run from your heart into your hands. When you place your hand on your heart you are completing an energy circuit. Keep that in mind as you tune into the sensation under the hand on your heart.]

If you believe in God, the Divine, Higher Intelligence, as you do this exercise, try repeating, “I accept” on the inhale…”the Love of God” on the exhale. (This piece is from the book, The Way of Mastery).

You have everything to gain and only 5 minutes to lose. So give it a try.