The Light Switch to Love: Presence and Permission

I get easily overwhelmed by too much to do, too many choices and too much information. When this happens I notice a shrinking energy and hear my inner child getting freaked out! The fallout of this tantrum leaves a frozen fog in my brain, a weak feeling in my solar plexus and a jumble of loud but inarticulate warnings…something about running and hiding.

Often overwhelm is accompanied by the all too familiar Comparison-of–Self –to-Others. Look out! Now that is a lethal mix. This is where my practice begins. Overwhelm is just another shade of fear. It has been a familiar traveler in my sphere for as long as I can remember. It happened just this morning while reading about everything so many luminaries around the globe are doing to facilitate the awakening of Love in our people and on our planet. One so committed to this mission as I am, yet quietly local, gets so easily triggered into, OMG, I’m not doing enough. I need to do more to make a bigger impact, get my voice heard, change the world!!!!!!! This does wonders for the state of overwhelm, NOT! It just makes it worse.

Probably the most important gift I have received from the pain of being human is the practice of bringing presence and friendship to those uncomfortable feelings, giving myself full permission to welcome their individual complexions and feeling tones. Thanks to a gifted therapist in my mid-thirties, I learned how to befriend the many feelings that make me human, which I had locked away as not acceptable. The miraculous thing is, when I do this, those dark feelings evaporate and I am left at peace. The more often I practice, the more the trust and appreciation of myself accumulates in my system, like making a deposit into my joy and productivity accounts. With this comes and expanding confidence to weather other emotional storms born out of forgetting that the point of the darkness is to help us find the light switch.

This simple process delivered me from cluelessness to self-love, something I had no idea was even possible for me. But it was, and continues to be me my salvation to return to peace and Love within when distressed. From this practice of befriending and transmuting the darkness into Light, I can be the most authentic contribution to humanity’s transformation. It takes presence and practice. The more I do it, the more I bring it, the more I share it, the quicker it also happens ‘out there’.

The most important purpose we have is doing this work of re-membering and re-awakening to the magnificence of the Love that we are. At its foundation, the tipping point we are seeking toward a new world, a new earth depends on us finding our practiced way back to Love, one being at a time, authentically from the inside out. Without this, that which we seek so desperately at this time will continue to elude us.

Love is the highest vibration of being. We know this. For if we didn’t we wouldn’t be seeking it everywhere. Paradoxically, it’s right where we are. The practice is to learn how to flip the dark feelings over to see the Light on the other side. Befriending our feelings with full presence and permission is the light switch.