The Healing Magic of a Safe Space

There are very few of them…emotionally safe spaces. Very few, it seems where no judgment, criticism, evaluation or opinion exist. Given that these elements are innate to our human way of being, perhaps part of our survival kit, where do we go to get a true emotional break? Where do we go to explore what we don’t know we don’t know that’s available in such a space?

Imagine a different culture or planet where there is no judgment, opinion or criticism. How do we ‘be‘? Can we find our way back to trust? Can we let down our guard enough to even step foot in that kind of water to find out?

If it were me, what would I dare to say? How would I be different if I could trust the environment to be emotionally safe? Would I be prey for some judgmental predator? Could I truly say what I think, express my spirit uninhibitedly? Could the armor around my heart melt away? Then what would be possible?

Having been raised in a culture where emotional safety is not the norm-with judgmental, critical, and opinionated family, teachers and others all brought up to protect and defend as well, how long will it take to trust this new culture on this new planet? If I stay long enough will I really feel surprises I have only dreamt about, or can’t even dream about because I have no reference point?

The Speaking Circle® experience is a facilitated space of emotional safety. Its intention always is to provide that kind of environment for the beauty of our spirits to shine through, be expressed and acknowledged. Won’t you step foot in the water?

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