Have You Ever Been Accused of Not Listening?

I think we’re always listening. It’s HOW we are listening that is useful to recognize. For instance…listening defensively or listening skeptically, or listening distractedly, or listening to something else, or NOT listening, which is a kind of listening! Then there is listening judgmentally, or evasively, or LOVINGLY…can you imagine, or listening kindly, or compassionately, appreciatively. What ways do you notice you are listening? It’s been very instructive for me to be able to notice and be responsible for my listening and what it causes.Recognizing the quality of our listening goes a long way toward improving our communication skills.

The Committed Listener…Our Greatest Ally

When it comes to finding our authentic expression, our unique voice and right livelihood our greatest ally is a committed listener. A committed listener is one whose full attention is on our stated intentions for how we want to be and what we want accomplish.

A committed listener is one who sees us as whole and complete, even if we don’t see ourselves that way. A committed listener acknowledges and allows what we’re feeling and what is happening in the moment, even if it is unpleasant. A committed listener reminds us of who we truly are, when the going gets rough. A committed listener is a conduit through which pertinent questions arise to assist us in unveiling for ourselves the next step or important clue toward our unfolding path.

A committed listener is rigorously self-monitoring and responsible for their own projections and opinions as they arise, acknowledging them and putting them aside.

Are you committed to listening in this way for another? Do you have someone in your life that has the capacity to be a committed listener for you?