Through Me…Not of Me…#1

I have been practicing ‘listening within’ each morning for the past 2+ years. It started with a deep desire to come into relationship with the that which animates me…with the Source of that animation. I have a had a few extraordinary experiences throughout my life that have profoundly caught my attention, spurring me on to know more about the connection to the Invisible.

I journal regularly during these morning listening times. Currently, I walk this path with a companion book called The Way of Mastery, ‘my walking stick through life at this time’, as my friend referred to it. It is very much like that.

What follows is an inquiry that arose one the morning in late June 2013. Although the question is mine, the response that came through the pen in my hand is not of me, but rather through me. I courageously share it with you here:

QUESTION: Are all actions that are hurtful to self and others a reaction to a perceived breach of Love? Personally, I would say yes, whether in this lieftime or another. Then it follows that only Love can heal (as taught in The Way of Mastery). What about disease and accidental injury?

WHAT MY PEN WROTE: “Well, in some cases it is born out of ignorance…an ignorance of remembering that you are God and that all is available and that “Allness” is pure…is Love…is all knowing that is accessible at all times to bring oneself back into alignment with Source…with Love …and consequently to be healed.

Now, it is not always very apparent, on purpose. It is evident from your experiences that it takes walking an intentional path. One that may have twists, turns and surprising revelation…and may take, in your world, some time. The gifts of the journey are not known ahead of time, yet the results, with an intention to heal, always lead to healing; and not always in the way, or definition of healing originally thought or anticipated.”