Profound Leadership through Listening

In one moment, my life changed instantly as I witnessed profound leadership through listening!

After 36 years of wandering through the purposeless desert of my life and at my wits end, I enrolled in The Landmark Forum. It was July 1990 where I witnessed a fellow student’s transformation.

Our seminar trainer asked one question that altered the course of this student’s anguished life forever. Suddenly, it was one filled with a new possibility, unfathomable just moments before.

I sat up in my chair, stunned! I had just witnessed this complete turn around. I felt it…we all felt it…as if it were our own transformation!

I heard myself say in awe, “How did that just happen? Then I heard the answer within, “It was in how the trainer was listening that allowed her to hear the question arise to be asked.” It was how she was listening!

In that moment, I knew my life’s purpose…to follow a path toward listening mastery…learning to listen in a way that makes a difference. That was 22 years ago. My path has had twists and turns, as every life does, yet in reflection it reflects that very moment in July 1990.

Yes, we all know we should be good listeners, but do we actually study, practice and develop our self-awareness enough to develop this skill that is foundational to every experience in our lives? These are my questions to you: Do you consciously practice? Do you notice when you are not listening when you need to be, and if so, what do you do then? Do you self-correct in the moment and consciously redirect your attention appropriately? Do you recognize when you are inappropriately inserting your experience into another’s conversation? Do you notice what happens within you when you take something personally when it was not meant that way? Then what happens to how you listen from that point forward?

These kinds of questions are just the tip of the iceberg in the profound realm of listening. Listening is everything. It is the quality of the medium in which we exist…like the water to the fish. Fish can swim in all different quality water…the cleaner the better. For us humans, the ‘clearer the better’.

The clearer and more selflessly we listen, the more available we become as a conduit for all of consciousness; the clearer channel we become to the Love that We Are.The right kind of listening makes all the difference in the world…yours, mine and ours. If you do practice, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you don’t, why not?