The Power of Completion & Being Fully Alive

For our lives to sing…really hum…the work of emotional completion is imperative. Here is what I mean. If I were to ask, “Who would you not like to run into? Who in your life or family is a thorn in your side or worse? What situations in your life upset you?” If responses come to mind, incompletion is at work.  The problem with areas of incompletion is that they are open sores draining your life energy. The energy involved in keeping those unpleasant situations active is diluting your potency to be fully alive…weighing you down. You might hear yourself thinking, “These situations aren’t still active, I put that out of my mind a long time ago.” If there is still an aversion or ‘charge’  around the situation when thinking about it, it is still active. This ‘charge’ is tied-up energy, diluting your effectiveness to move forward free from its emotional weight.

The symptoms usually show up as low energy, chronic complaints about someone or something, a sense of ‘no traction’ in your life, disillusionment, discouragement and the repeating of old patterns. You can be assured that these unresolved past situations will cloak themselves as ‘new situations’ to get your attention. All may be well for a while, but then something turns sour…again, and seems a bit, or all too familiar. Our commitment to resolve and release these patterns, arises only when the pain and frustration of feeling stuck and ‘going in circles’ exceeds the benefits gained from keeping the sores open & weeping. Yes…benefits. (More on that in another post.)

Here’s an example. My client had a bad taste in her mouth about her former boss. She had many complaints about him. As a result of our work together in one session, she now has a whole new relationship to him and the situation…one that was not predictable or possible as she saw it. After our work together to complete this she commented, ” Wow, if I saw him on the street now, I’d go over and give a hug and say thank you!”  In fact, after our session, she contacted him and shared what she’d uncovered for herself. In that moment, a new relationship, not previously possible, became so. A whole new trajectory in both their lives was created by her completion. Completion is a course correction of the most potent kind.

Grateful does not begin to express the honor it is to serve as a life coach. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see clear light shine through the heart and eyes of those I serve when possibility dawns where no possibility existed before. It is a joyful thing…a truly moving experience to witness; where an upset with someone, an unresolved ending, or a ‘bad taste’ for a situation evaporates and restored affinity and a new possibility for relationship takes place. This is the stuff of transformation.