Happy New Year…The Shift Is Always an Inside Job

As I reflect on the past year, I recognize that there has been a fundamental shift in the course of my life. The shift came out of a deep resolve to live my life guided from the inside out. To finally develop the relationship to my inner world, that I’ve heard exists as a reliable rudder, has been my quest. One, if truth be told, I have sought but not practiced faithfully until recently. I finally had enough of struggling. Enough of trying to figure out what the outer world has been asking of me. The lack of clarity in my external life was a reflection of the condition of my inner life. The cost of not having this inner relationship became intolerable. Courageous truth-telling to those I love, no longer willing to discount or hide what brings me the greatest joy and purpose to my life trumped the suffering of staying hidden. No matter what the consequences, I was finally willing to move into the ‘come what may’ rather than continue to be at odds with myself.

The release from this bondage was palpable throughout my being. This healing into yet another level of integrity allowed my soul to take its lead while my ego moved over to ‘second seat’. Truth-telling is the stuff of transformation making available doorways not previously apparent in the darkness of hiding. The gifts are a stronger commitment to my morning practice, a deeper connection to my inner guidance, expansion of love moving through me and a fuller expression of my soul this time around.

May your New Year bring ever more courage, truth and alignment toward your fullest expression.