Advance Your Personal and Professional Development Through the Mastery of Listening and Relational Presence

Wow! Great suggestionAre you listening in a way that makes a difference with your loved ones, colleagues and clients?

Our individual way of listening shapes the meaning we assign to every experience of our lives. It colors everything. Making a difference in how we relate to one another requires an awakening of consciousness from our default way of listening.

Awakening to ‘how we listen and what we are listening to within’ requires a willingness to acknowledge that our experience is conditioned by our past giving us our opinions, beliefs and judgments. Without the intervention of awareness, we are oblivious to this default filtering device. It operates on autopilot to color our interactions with meaning to assure safety, protection and the survival of our ego status.

Awakening further requires a willingness to ADMIT we are skewing our ‘listening’ by way of our past. It requires a willingness to set these patterned responses aside and refresh our attention, free from our default listening. In this way we bring fresh hearts, eyes and ears to the moment. This quality of presence changes everything; opening a portal to a new possibility in each encounter. This is the gift of responsible communication. This practice is jet fuel for personal growth and development.
Our experiential face-to-face workshops develop your capacity to

  • extend clear listening to all those in your life.
  • recognize when your judgment and agenda’s hijack your attention
  • set your agenda and judgments aside and return to being the conduit